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The story behind
Build your BEP

Founded by Niels de Jong and Joël van Wijngaarden in 2020, Build Your BEP was born from the ambition to make technology accessible and fun. Driven by their shared passion for education and innovation, they’ve crafted this creative educational toy that inspires both young schoolkids and a next generation of thinkers and makers. 

Educational Impact

First in the classroom
now at home!

After a few years of succesfully using BEP in Dutch schoolprograms, Build Your BEP has now teamed up with UP International to make this great creative adventure accessible to children everywhere. BEP’s journey from the classroom to people’s homes is driven by our commitment to foster a love for learning and technology in everyone.

Let’s continue to inspire the next generation of creators, thinkers, and innovators.”

Joël & Niels

Founders of Makerminds & Build your BEP